Tuesday, February 2, 2010


One of the interesting things about living in an RV is the neighbors that one runs into. Sometimes they are nice, and sometimes they are not. Once, we were even camped next a very loud group of  ogres. Another time, we were neighbors with a family with an extremely pleasant boy about the about the same age as the 1st AB. And, of course, there were our Alabama neighbors in Wyoming, who gave us antelope meat. Whether nice neighbors or not nice neighbors, however, they are usually at least a little bit interesting. 


We were parked beside the RV in the above photo for three days. It looks like a perfectly average Class C. There were no people in it during our stay; empty RVs are not often terribly interesting.Last night I took a new route home from walking the dog. I noticed some writing on the back of the RV. I stopped to read it. 


 The Amazon.com "about the author" says
"Life story of an Iowa farm boy who grew up during the great depression and with no high school or formal education went on to become a pilot , prisoner of war in World War II. A leading farmer, business man and entrepreneur in Iowa.A father of six children and other acomplishments."
Despite having never met this person, I am inclined to believe he may have been very interesting.

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