The Crew

There have been a few requests for a cast list for the blog to make it easier to keep everybody straight. Here it is.

The Admiral. (AKA the Dadmiral)
We're all out here because of the Admiral's job. He works a lot, but in his off time he can sometimes be convinced to join in the fun. Otherwise, nothing makes the Admiral happier than a good solid meal and a glass of sweet tea.

The Commodore (AKA the Momadore).

The Commodore is the Commodore. Without her we wouldn't make it out here. She keeps everybody in order and we try not to drive her outside the realm of sanity. The Commodore's favorite pastime is Catfish fishing, when she catches something. She is the driver of Tallulah, fearlessly taking on any challenge from the Marias pass to houses that take up the whole road.

Me, the Captain.
I'm just along for the ride and the stories.

The 1st Mate
The First Mate just turned thirteen, and that has been difficult for him. He is helpful in any task that requires getting dirty or lifting heavy items. He too enjoys fishing, and also thinks that he might not mind too much if he were temporarily stranded in the wilderness. Although none of the rest of us are certain he would make it out, he assures us that he is prepared with such things as Guts, a knife, and wax covered matches.

The 1st AB.
The 1st AB is the one we thank for the Easter lilies in the front yard, the tomato and pineapple plants that travel with us, and the worm farm, whose population could not hold up to current fishing market demands. He is also to blame for many of the books scattered over the house at the moment. When not planting or reading, he likes to fish, although he has not the patience for cats or bass, he is quite skilled in catching sunfish.

The 2nd AB. (Formerly the Boy)

The boy is the map reader and the Garmin handler. He is often most fun to talk to when he is asleep. The boy like to fish, and though he has not yet caught anything massive, he did take about fifty two inch catfish in an hour.

The Harbor Master and Her Husband (formerly her fiance)

Live back in Alabama keeping tabs on things back at base camp and digging through insane numbers of
boxes when someone here thinks he or she needs something from there.

The Stowaway .
Is stuck at school in Florida. She hates having her picture taken.

The 2nd Mate. (Titles were originally appointed by age, but in the beginning the 2nd Mate opted not to join the crew. When she did, later on, it seemed mean to bump the 1st Mate just because of age, so the order got a little mixed up.)

 She is terrifically helpful with such things as remembering to turn off the gas before we drive away, hauling laundry across campgrounds to the laundry room, recalling whether we turned left or right off the interstate and other items of importance. She enjoys fishing, Nascar, and especially music.

Robynne, Ship's Dog. (Captain's dog)
Defender of Tallulah and her crew. The Ships dog is responsible for predicting bad weather, making sure that no fishing gear is left behind, guarding her people from slobbering Labradors, and keeping squirrels in trees. She once even dug up a handful of worms for the fisher folk when they were really desperate. We're not sure what else she could do if she just had opposable thumbs.