Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We Did Arrive,

Our journey from IL to PA took longer than expected, but we did arrive on Sunday. We left on Friday, and drove until we reached the Heartland Resort in Greenfield, IN. After being exceedingly annoyed by the discovery that 1) the electrical pole was at the wrong end of Tallulah, 2)the water spigot was frozen and 3) the "plowed" site still had to be shoveled out by the First Mate. In the morning, as we were packing up the camper in the morning, the Second Mate spotted a raccoon. When the rest of us managed to see the creature, it was promptly re-identified as a weasel. We were all very excited because none of us had ever seen a weasel before, and it was funny to see the flocks of bird flying away from him after he moved up the river, which was frozen, and beyond the reach of our camera.
We drove as long as we could on Friday, but weather conditions and crazy drivers sent us off the road long before we had reached our desired destination. Of course, there were no open campgrounds where we stopped. We stopped in town and plugged Tallulah into the hotel room so we could run the heater and avoid any freezing.
We then managed the rest of our journey on Sunday. We arrived at he Homestead Campground in Green Lane, PA and found that a place had been cleared especially for us. By the time we finished setting up, our Uncle Joseph had arrived to ferry us to his house to hang out with his family, where the Commodore's sister came to visit with us later on. We stayed the night, and had fun, although no one got nearly as much sleep as might be desired. Yesterday was spent in more visiting.
 We thought that we were leaving today to head back West to Eighty Four, Pennsylvania, but three feet of snow fell between here and there last night, and in that part of the country they are experiencing 30 mph winds, so we thought it would be better to wait here and continue our visiting.

Pictures to follow as soon as they are taken, as we forgot all of our cameras in Tallulah when we left her.

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  1. Be careful on those Pa roads in the winter- those hills become quite icy!

    Visiting from FOTR