Thursday, February 11, 2010


The crew has been growing crabby of late. Being snowed in, it seems, soon grows a bit old.

But not for long.

The order to sail is in. The Admiral's truck, after meeting with ill fortune on the high seas, was rescued and hauled away for diagnosis by folks who sound awfully like pirates claiming salvage. The truck will, therefore, have to await repair for another day. Meanwhile, another truck, as yet un-outfitted for the task ahead of it. The Admiral's task is to go to Pennsylvania and prepare this new truck for duty. This means a visit with the Pennsylvania relatives, a prospect that the Commodore (and the rest of us) are by no means displeased by.

So, tomorrow we leave IL for the land of even more snow. We rise as early as possible and depart with the first sign of thawing.  Fortunately, the Admiral swept off the roof and the over-the-slide awnings yesterday. Otherwise, we would have that job to deal with in the morning. (The slides will not pull in correctly if the awnings get heavy with snow and ice.) We are also very happy that tomorrow morning will be considerably warmer than this morning was - we woke up to -4 F and frozen waterlines. The Commodore's sister claims that it is warmer in PA. Whether the weather will hold remains to be seen.

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  1. Hi there!! My name is Shelby. I discovered you on FOTR. I am working on getting my blog on the site but wanted to comment and say hello! We are a family of 4 and I homeschool while we travel the US (for the past 2 yrs) for my husbands job. I'd love if you stopped by my little spot in the www!! Looking forward to getting to know some FOTR!!!

    I'm going to 'follow' y'all! (: