Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snowed In

Our travels brought us to the middle of nowhere in IL and the sudden breakdown of the Admiral's truck has left us stranded here. The snow that began yesterday afternoon has not yet stopped, so besides being stranded we are also, for the first time ever in the lives of the majority of the crew, snowed in.
We did not begin our snow adventures very well. Last night after supper, the Commodore made the unpleasant discovery that the gray tank was full. The Admiral and I had no choice but to go outside into
 the cold and empty it.
Just the thought of it was enough to make us shiver, but we survived.

This morning, we were a bit more cheerful about our situation. Being snowed in is very like being hurricaned in. Only colder. The only thing for it is to wait the whole thing out, and try to have a little fun.

Since the Admiral did not have to leave at the break of day, he and the Commodore cooked breakfast for the crew. We were lucky enough to have farm fresh eggs from a nearby Abbey that we visited on Sunday. Believe it or not, there is a very big difference.

Store Eggs

After breakfast, the younger crew members decided to go sledding. The floats that they were sliding on are wearing thin, but there is still enough slippery left to slide on. After a while, they even managed to convince their captain to join in. 

Their first order of business was to give me a lengthy lecture on proper technique.

After that, there was a demonstration. It was not a successful demonstration.

So my instructors decided I could just try the hill, under close supervision.

And that was at least a better idea.


We still had to try again.


Finally, we did get down. A crew ought always go through with what they attempt, after all.

Even if that means that all there is left is walking back up the hill to Tallulah to eat soup, lounge around, and nurse whopping bruises on knees for the rest of the day.

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