Friday, February 19, 2010

Pictures From the Visit

Here are the pictures from the last day of our visit with the Commodore's brother and sister in Pennsylvania and their families.

 As mentioned, the Commodore was very happy about seeing her siblings.


And her relatives looked pretty happy too. (Uncle Joseph, Aunt Patti, and their nephew, I.J.)

The Second Mate and Cousin Chris.

The First Mate, Uncle Joe, and me, the Captain. I have no idea what we were watching, but it was clearly fascinating.

Nick, actually smiling!! Sort of.

Vicky and I.J. 

Aunt Jen.

Why are all the little kids so excited?

Brayden, the Commodore's very first great-nephew. 

And everyone's favorite part. 

Apparently the car used to be totally buried.

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