Friday, February 19, 2010

From area Eighty-Four.

Okay, so this isn't exactly Eighty-Four, and actually, Eighty-Four is a rather boring place, just a little town, nothing particularly interesting, although it sounds like it should be. Our actual town is Jefferson, and our actual campground sounds like it is right behind a firehouse. It is.
We have had a pleasant enough stay here so far. It is the only campground open in five counties or so, and the number of persons here reflects that. For the first time since we came out in January we have neighbors at an uncomfortable lack of distance.
The Admiral's old truck is most definitely finished. It has been turned in and stripped down to provide for the new truck. When the new truck is finished being built, we will high tail it for Colorado, where the Admiral has appointments to make.
Until then, we are enjoying the first twenty-four + hour period with no snow since we left Iowa. It was so warm out that the ice started melting, which resulted in a very wet mess, but the sun was shining so beautifully that we went for a walk anyway, and we spied some sights that might have seemed strange to us a month or two ago.
 There used to be a picnic table here, but it made a New Year's resolution to be invisible, and it hasn't been seen since. 

My guess is that the owner of this truck was considering a Mohawk haircut, but decided to try it out on the truck first. 

I still find the fact that the icicles on the roof are almost the same size as the man on the ground rather disturbing, but it is really not that uncommon here, and I am sure I will grown accustomed to the sight in due time. 

There is a snow being standing beside the First A.B. in this picture. Snow beings are very good at camouflage, and this one is particularly well blended with the snow mountain in the background, so one has to look closely. 

The crew decided to check out this hill for sliding prospects. It was too steep, and the creek at the bottom was slightly discouraging.

And then we spotted it. The nasty side of snow. The dirty, grimy, snowplowed heap of it. 

That was pretty much what our walk looked like. And the funny thing was that we spent most of it commenting on how warm the weather had gotten today.

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