Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day at the Indian Hills Inn

When traveling, it is easy to find a nice place to stay. One can find something nice to say about even unpleasant parks (At the worst, there is the pleasant moment of bidding the place farewell.) Places that exactly match the whims of an entire crew, however, are few and far between. The Indian Hill Inn and RV park has made it onto the small list of campgrounds that have all of the most important things.

First off, friendly people. Being welcomed to a camp always makes it better. Only having to connect one end of the hose because a campground person has already taken care of the other end, is a very nice perk as well. Also, pull through sites. There is nothing like not having to back up in the snow and ice.

And of course...

Ice skating.

Or rather, ice sliding.

Hmmm. Ice tumbling maybe?

Well, whatever it was, it made for a very happy crew. 

The 2nd AB.

The 1st AB.

And the 1st Mate.

 Oh Yeah!

Whilst the crew was gone ashore, the Commodore decided to ready a large piece of venison for eating. The ship's dog offered to help, but the Commodore declined assistance.


After the crew returned to the ship, we drank some hot chocolate, and then decided that it would be nice to go swimming in the Inn's indoor pool. It turns out that the best place to get warm around these parts is in the swimming pool's building.

The 1st Mate and the 1st AB.

 The 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, 1st AB, and 2nd AB.

The 2nd Mate.

The 1st Mate, 1st AB, and 2nd AB.

Of course, the day did begin and end at about 4 degrees, we did have a slight problem involving a frozen black tank valve, and there is the terribly annoying and messy combination of gravel snow and boots, as well as the aggravation of having to add six layers of clothing in order to go outside for even a minute, but overall, we really are finding the Indian Hills Inn in Albia, IA to be a delightful place to spend the weekend.

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