Thursday, October 8, 2009

From Douglas, WY

We pulled into the Douglas KOA on Tuesday solidly frozen and expecting to find ourselves in yet another unpleasant RV park. We'd read reviews that warned against going there with anything longer than 25 Ft. Our options, however, were extremely limited, because the only other open camp in Douglas, WY has no hook-ups and pets are not allowed.
On principle, we usually avoid KOAs. (Kampgrounds of America) The Commodore's father referred to them as "hotels without walls." This is niether an unfair nor inaccurate description. Also against KOAs is the fact that they are expensive. Besides the nightly rate, which covers two persons, they often charge as much as $3 a night for each extra person over the age of 7.With a nice "winter rate" and nowhere else to go however we were lured to this KOA.
In Gillette, WY, we stayed in a park where we had about ten feet between us and the next camper. The water hook-up was on the wrong side, and the park was plastered with threatening "If this doesn't stop..." and "You had better not be caught..." signs. Somehow, such negative signs can have a very negative overall effect.
In Sheridan, we intended to stay in a park that had really great reviews, was totally cool, and included four acres of land for exercising pets (and, simultaneously, boys)  on. Unfortunately, we missed the review that mentioned the owner's dislike of construction (and railroad) workers and we discovered upon arrival that he also dislikes children. So we stayed in the RV section of the Bramble Motel. It was tiny, 30 amp (we have a 50 amp RV) and we were sick, snowed in, and had no way of doing laundry. The owner was nice, the boys built their first really big snowman, and there was a flock of turkeys that came by everyday, but we were not sorry to leave.
Turns out, a hotel without walls was just what we needed. We've given up roughing it and become Kampers for a few days. The people who run the place are the first really nice Wyomingites we've come across. We played miniature golf. There is a  playground with covered wagon monkey bars. There's a laundry room. There is a dog run with carefully tended grass and no sandspurs or cacti to pull out of the dog's feet.

And did I mention that Douglas, WY is the home of the Jackalope?
And snow. Lots of snow.

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