Friday, October 9, 2009

Antelope Birthday.

The Admiral's birthday was today. Birthday's, of course, require special treatment.
We spent an hour in the gift shop here at the campground looking for a birthday card. We finally decide on two, which were then made over to suit the occasion. The 1st AB remade the envelope of his pick with cut out pictures, the 2nd AB included a poem.
For a birthday dinner, we actually  managed to pull a surprise on the Admiral. (The Admiral has a long history of surprising people, and  unveiling surprises before they are ready.) We procured two antelope shoulders, a mule deer shoulder and an antelope ham from a couple from Alabama who were hunting in Wyoming. Because the weather has been so cold, it was not necessary to stash the meat in the freezer. It was perfectly fine outside in the Ice Guzzler, which made it possible to hide this considerable amount of meat for two days.

The Admiral has wanted to try antelope for some time. It seems that the experience agreed with him.

The 1st AB likes antelope too.

Of course there was cake.But the Admiral had to battle the 2nd AB for the first slice. The 2nd AB got three in a row first

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