Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have once again moved house. This time, we have fled from the icy cold of Northern Wyoming, and taken to the sunny plains of Colorado. We are staying in Pueblo, which is on the edge of the dessert. At the campground we were originally staying at, all of the water had to be trucked in. This was also a KOA, but it fell far below the standard set in Douglas, WY, and so we decided to forgo the convenience of the KOA for a cheaper campground. With all that extra dough, we decided to have some fun. So today we drove two hours to Denver, and spent the day at the Denver Museum of Natural Science. Actually, we did not intend to spend the entire day there. We were a bit surprised when the guy came through, announcing that the museum was closing in twenty minutes. We had a good time, laughed long and hard at the "Life Begins With Lightening" videos and learned a little. Both AB's got to make Mongolian hats, but the 2nd AB was so heartbroken at the sight of a little girl who didn't get one that he handed his over. The 2nd Mate got to play a Morin Khuur or horse head fiddle. She rather enjoyed the experience, I think. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this, because no photography was allowed in the exhibit. I might have chanced stealing a shot, but there were about five guards standing around us. I got some other pictures though.

The Commodore's favorite, a big carnivorous pig that used to roam Nebraska, back when Nebraska was a forest. You can't tell from the picture, but this thing was the size of a Buffalo.

A mammoth Skull. According to the Commodore, a Volkswagon bug could fit between the tusks.

North American Camels. We thought they look kind of like Pronghorn Antelope. The Museum says that they evolved into lhamas and Alpacas.

The Boys all really enjoyed the Dinosaurs.
The 2nd Mate really liked the mummies. Unfortunately, once again, there are no pictures. This is, once again, entirely my fault. I do not like mummies, therefore, I skipped the ancient Egypt exhibit, and I did not think to give her the camera.

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  1. Welcome to Colorado! We live on the prairie north of the Springs and recently had another big RV family camp on our property for a couple of days.

    Hope you enjoy the state.