Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have recovered (mostly) from the triple blow of a head cold, mid-terms, and a stomach virus that has kept me from more pleasant tasks than studying Geography and coughing up my lungs. My sincere apologies.

We are now in Sheridan, WY. "The West at its best." If this is the best though, I'm certainly glad we got here before the place deteriorated any further.
Wyoming has not proven to be the spectacular and pleasant place that we expected. Not that I thought everywhere would measure up to Nebraska's standards, but I did not expect the disparity that we have found. Honestly, a person running a history museum should not say "We don't want any lost little boys. I had three of my own and I didn't even want them." As though we'd leave a crew member behind!
Also, with Winter here, the campground pickings are very slim. It seems that pets or children, but not both are permissible. As we are traveling with children and a pet, finding a place to park has become a little challenging. Particularly annoying are the parks who do not post these restrictions, thus requiring a post arrival change of destination.

But the really big news of the day is...
6 inches of snow.


Hmm. There was grass here yesterday.


We saw a sign here in town that showed the temperature as +40 F. It was the first time I have ever seen one that had to point out the +/-.
Despite the fact that the amount of snow on the ground would have closed Alabama down for a month, the Wyoming weather forecasters insist on calling it a "dusting of snow."
Talk about culture shock.


  1. How fun to see snow this early in the year. We live in the south and don't get much. Looking forward to a very wet(snowy) winter, keeping our fingers crossed.

  2. ["I had three of my own and I didn't even want them."]

    I can't imagine ever saying that about my children. Sad, what some parents say to and about their own kids. It must make the Angels weep.