Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The Admiral has gone North alone. The weather was not inviting to travel, and moving Tallulah in ice and snow seemed unwise. Especially since the trip to Gillette was supposed to be an overnight one, and we are so comfortable here in Douglas. Besides that, the projected temperature was 0 for Gillette, and 16 for Douglas.  Hmmm. That's a hard one.
Nasty RV park with nasty signs all over, 16 fewer degrees, and an icy journey North or a posh KOA with every RVing convenience, and 16 more degrees. The only trouble is that the trip to Gillette has turned out NOT to be overnight, and we are pretty neatly stranded until Thursday. Oh well.

 We actually got quite a bit of snow here anyway. There was eight inches to a foot, with three to four foot mounds, thanks to the snowplow. The ABs and the dog seemed to be happiest about the weather.

 The cold weather that we have been enduring has resulted in a resurgence of knitting and crocheting projects. The entire family (minus the Admiral) learned to knit this year. During the Spring, we knitted extensively, creating hats, scarves (with pockets!) and a sweater.
The Summer heat of Alabama rather curbed the desire to knit, however.
Now a week of sub-freezing temperatures, the reluctance of the 2nd AB to wear socks,  and an unused ball of wool yarn have joined forces to fashion one very cute pair of socks, which the Viking boy will actually wear.

                                                     The 2nd AB shows off his socks.

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