Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Introducing the Crew...and Co.

The crew is the result of reading Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons. It has been in existence for a little over 2 years, and most of the persons in my immediate family are regularly referred to by their titles. My dad is the Admiral, or, occasionally the Dadmiral. Mom is the Commodore. The looks that persons give a kid when he yells "Wait up, Commodore!" across a crowded parking lot are really funny. I was elected Captain in the early days of the crew, and at the same time my brothers (12, 10. and 7) were appointed 1st Mate, Able Seaman and Ship's Boy according to age. My younger sister joined the crew at a later date (just before our first voyage) so she is the 2nd Mate, even though she is older than the other crew members. The crew has had to learn to work very closely together. Literally. We've spent quite a lot of time in seriously cramped quarters.
My older sisters, both away at college, were also noticed. We have the Harbor Master, responsible for finding places to anchor for the night while we are traveling, and the Stowaway, who slipped aboard on an Easter Voyage. Last, and yes, probably least, is the Ship's Dog, Robynne, who protects the crew from the dangers of wild dogs, potentially rabid squirrels, and staying inside all day. She is also Guardian of Tallulah when the crew goes ashore.
We named a little tin rowboat the Silver Star and have had quite a few adventures in her. Our beat up station wagon was christened the Y.S. Wagon.(Y.S. for yellow station wagon. Technically, it's a beige station wagon, but that doesn't work nearly as well.) We have since nevigated several 1000+ mile voyages in her. When we acquired a 35ft. R.V. it was understood that she would also need a name. There was some talk of calling her the Silver Star II after our "actual boat" but only the Commodore was really in favor of that. We loaded up the crew and went for a test drive. "How about we call her Tallulah," the Boy said. (Cool Runnings 1993) The vote was unanimous. Tallulah she is.
The Master and Mistress of Swampwood are not crew members, but they were instrumental in the formation of the crew. They provided our first chance for adventure are so enmeshed in all of the doings of the crew that no account could be complete without them.

So the crew: Admiral, Commodore, Captain, 1st Mate, 2nd Mate, A.B., Boy, and Dog.
And Co: Master and Mistress of Swampwood, Harbor Master and Stowaway.
And the Vessels: The Y.S. and Tallulah.

Also, please pray for the A.B., who is going to be checked for the flu tomorrow morning, and the 2nd Mate, who is also sick.

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