Friday, August 21, 2009

Embrace the Velveeta

Tonight, I am going to a play. It will be my first time being an audience member in years. I can't wait.
My younger sister and my three brothers are all in the play. They have been working very hard for an excruciatingly long and unbelievably short five days. Consequently, I already know every single song and most of the lines.
It is a Missoula Children's Theater production of the Pied Piper. MCT inc. has 47 teams of two persons each who travel around the world putting on an hour long musical a week. Auditions are on Monday, performances are on Friday or Saturday. It is very cool. My years in Missoula were enough to completely enchant me with the world of theater. I was an "Assistant Director" for three years in a row. One year, one of the directors responded to an actor's complaint that their song was stupid with, "Yes it's a cheesy play. Embrace the Velveeta." Now, watching my crew bounce off the walls in anticipation, I can't wait to see what they've got for us.
So tonight I will sit in the audience and enjoy myself. I'll pay for my first ticket in five years, have fun, and embrace the Velveeta.

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