Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adventure-n. a daring, hazardous undertaking.
Adventurer-n. one who has or looks for adventure.

There is adventure in opening my eyes in the morning. As long as I can lie with my eyes closed, the day can't start. I don't have to notice that my dog is sitting beside me, staring me into waking up, or acknowledge that my mom will want coffee when she gets home from work. I don't have to pay attention to anything. I can remain in a limbo-like nothingness. It is the anti-adventure. The moment my eyes are open, I am hurled into adventure. A scream from outside might summon me to aid in a battle with a hawk who wants a chicken breakfast. I could be called on to be the Peacemaker in the Great Cereal Battle. I might be ordered to vacuum the living room and find buried treasure (could it be a drummer boy quarter!) under the sofa. It's happened. The moment I am awake, an adventure begins.
I am often annoyed by persons who say that they are bored. Bored is simply a way of looking at things wrongly, say, through closed eyelids. Bored is a way of shutting out the great adventure that life is supposed to be. I have met persons who are constantly bored, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. They fail to look at life in a way that makes it interesting and exciting. They are not willing to open their eyes to the day; they are not willing to look for adventure, and so, they are bored. Bored is keeping one’s eyes closed.

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