Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crrreewww!!!! Start your Engines!

Here I am, back from a lovely vacation full of bright sunny days and cheerful people and...Not.
We did not leave Tuesday Sept. 6 as planned. Instead, we packed, and I was forced to make telephone calls (I detest telephones. I mean I really loathe them. Unless I need to call a family member.) to my school to straighten out a crazy "miscommunication" problem that resulted in my being four days late for the beginning of my classes.
We are now officially underway though. We packed the necessities of the entire house into a thirty-four foot space in a week. (We took longer than that for the books, but the rest was done in a week.) We even squeezed in time to do some visiting and redecorating. Tallulah is now officially Named. (Picture to follow.)

We left today, Sept. 13 (Good thing none of us suffer from Triscadecaphobia) at around 3:15. We stopped in Montgomery for Mass and supper (Gyros. Thanks Admiral!) and then made it all the way to the Peach Park in Clanton, AL. We plan to drive all day tomorrow and see where that lands us.
It is hard to believe that after 2 years we are actually going through with this. But the camper feels like home (except that certain persons are not here) and the excitement is building.
Maybe it will seem real tomorrow.


  1. Actually we left on the 12th. Days running together already, Cap't?

  2. Well, you guys do realize that we found this out from RC, yes? Thanks for letting us know... :P