Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today started out pretty early. We got out of Clanton enthusiastically, and acceptably early, although it was definitely not one of our most stellar take offs. We drove happily along singing Jim Croce songs and Irish drinking songs as loudly and off key as we could manage. (Q. How do you know you are traveling with Catholics? A. The song Moonshiner is casually paused to say a prayer for a passing ambulance.) On we went, as happily as larks until we reached good old Memphis. We have, in past voyages, discovered various ways of getting through Memphis. (Going through at rush hour is not advised.) Today we thought that we would slip through without any trouble at all, since it's Sunday, and beach season is mostly over. We got stuck in traffic at the on ramp to I-55 N. We inched along the ramp up onto the interstate to find (gasp) three police cars blocking the way. Oh Joy. I am very grateful for all of the good that cops do, but standing on the interstate laughing at the baffled look on poor lost RVer's faces as they are forced onto the SOUTHBOUND ramp is not a public service.
The part of Memphis we were driving through is not at all RV friendly, being filled with 11 ft overpasses and other such beautiful things. In fact, we were back in Mississippi before we could turn around.
So the day was seriously delayed as we plotted our alternate route (which was a better road anyway) and ran into road work on the I-40 bridge as well. We were well into Arkansas before the road cleared.
There's really no excuse for me to complain. This is traveling. There are going to be setbacks and traffic jams and closed bridges. Our job is simply to get past them all without ripping each other to shreds.

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